Our Family

Hello! We are The Free Family Online

 We never thought, that our life could be like a dream

But now we live in this dream

We are Caroline and Seb Jankowski – a young married couple, who will never agree to let our life waste at 9-5 work.

We are also known as The Free Family Online

In our life we had a lot of jobs. We were working not only as a regular workers, but also we were managers, team leaders or advisors. Seb has been running his own small business for 3 years.

As you can see, our jobs were not bad – but they were not satisfactory either.

In July 2015 we decided to go to England, hoping that in this way, we could improve our quality of life.

It seemed to be better, when it comes to financial status, because we could afford big weekly shopping, caprice, trips or a large apartment.

And what was our satisfaction with our life? It was close to 0

Our jobs in England (hours per day)

  • First job: 12 hours and night shift;
  • Second job: 8 hours, sometimes it was only 12 days in a row
  • Third job: 8 hours but work on shifts (6-2, 2-10)
  • Fourth job (Seb): 10 hours

Can you be happy with your life, when you have to spend more than half of it at work?

For us the answer is simple: NO


Because we hadn’t time for each other. We were too tired after work to do something.

We decided to change it!

Now we have time and power to do everything we want! We can jogging, cooking, travelling – and what is the most important for us: we are doing everything together.

In November 2016 we left our jobs and we moved to Germany. New country, new opportunities, new ideas and never ever jobs with bosses!

Finally our life is how we want it to be!


If you want to feel free and follow your dreams, feel free to contact us!

Remember – this is your life

“The sooner you start planning your life, the sooner you will live the life you dream of” Hans Glint

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