Caroline Jankowski from The Free Family Online


Hi there! It’s me!

⁂ Caroline Jankowski

⁂ 24 years old

⁂ now living in Germany

“The biggest mistake we could ever make in our lives is to think we work for anybody but ourselves” – Brian Tracy

⁂ Who am I?

 I am a wife, a woman, a friend, a sister and a daughter

⁂ What is my passion?

My passion is changing gently depending on the season: in the winter I love to read books and watch movies, while in the summer I like to spend time outside. I love to do some DIY to my home, for example: embroidering, paper wicker and painting.

⁂ What’s more

Firstly: no doubt I am addicted to cosmetics! I’m  buying and testing thousands of them!

Secondly: cooking – I’m trying to cook vegetarian, and for health reasons also gluten and lactose free

⁂ Healthy Eating? I am so on!

For some time I have been passionate about healthy eating. This year I’m going to complete several courses related to this subject.

Do you want to talk or ask me anything? Please contact me by e-mail:

or by form on website.

I’m speaking English, German and Polish.


I hope, that you have a great day!

Caroline Jankowski from the Free Family Online