How to get motivated?

Everything depends on us

‘Wins only one who has a clearly defined goal and an irresistible desire to achieve it.’ Napoleon Hill

Very often we say “I do not want to”, “I will start tomorrow”, “I’m too tired”.

My last post was about a small change that could give us a 30 day challenge. Today I want to talk about motivation, but not for 30 days but for lifetime.

Have you ever envied someone who is on vacation in a warm country, who has super cars, branded clothes or even own business while you are in the office?

Almost every year before the summer season, you look in the mirror and see that here or there is something to be done about something to work on?

What is the reason?

You lack of motivation!

Have you ever had to motivate yourself to watch your favorite series? No.

And do exercises or diet changes? How many times your New Years resolution was to lose 5kg or start to run or do any workout?

Why do some things come to us so easily and to others we can not force ourselves?

Are you lazy-bones from John Brzechwy’s poem or maybe a person who, after setting his own goals, will do anything to achieve it?

How to start:

  • Change your thinking, do not force yourself – note that if there is something that pleases you, you do not need motivation to do it. Instead of thinking ‘what will people think’, change it to ‘what I will be thinking of myself in a year or two’
  • Film not reality – I used this method in college: when I did not want to study for the exam I imagined myself in a few years as a business owner and a few nice $$$ on my account. Our brain can easily be deceived, and if we embody a given vision, it will become a reality for our brain, and things that have not been enjoyed by us will come without a problem.
  • A conscious choice – if you start surfing the Internet, Facebook, Instagram, reading different articles or watching movies, your brain wastes valuable energy on unnecessary things. In primary school my mother always told me ‘first duties and then pleasure’. I am using this method to this day: every day I start by doing the tasks I have planned the day before, then the energy is where it is needed, and the entertainment after a busy day is like the icing on the cake.
  • Divide your goal into smaller tasks. Even if you do 1/10 the goal is closer to your achievement than the day before.
  • Write your goals for the next day – something that is written down on a paper will be easier for us to come ‘forced’.
  • Do not compare yourself to others – everyone has their own pace and everyone has different skills. and the most important
  • Find time to rest!

If you have any other way – share it!

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