April summary and Cooper Test

April summary

April was not a cold month for me, so running was much more enjoyable. Every day I had a great weather and I could enjoy the sun, the blue sky and the green of grass and trees.



Western Europe is definitely better at this time. Watching various pictures and news from Poland I was hard to believe that in many cities there was so much snow.

April is the month in which Easter is celebrated, it is getting warmer and we have more opportunities to fail to maintain a healthy diet: Easter cakes and mayonnaise salads in the middle of the month and at the end of the month come grills with fragrant pork ribs and sausages.

The holidays are getting closer and it is a great opportunity to strive for a better figure and then keep it for another year. It’s not just about appearance, but about health.

Summing up this month – I ran 125.1 km (over 77 miles).

If you are lack of motivation and want to start running or start another activity to feel better and lose a few pounds write to me and join our Free Family Online Club. We are still updating Training plans, filming Training Videos with our participation, and continually expanding section with recipes.

Cooper Test

I’ve been running for a few years, I’ve heard of the test more than once, but I never really knew what it was.

This test is a 12 minute endurance training. Tables with test results for marching, swimming and cycling were developed, but I was most interested in running tests.

The task is to run as long as possible within 12 minutes. Results are interpreted on the basis of gender and age tables.

The best place to do the test is athletic stadium (400m) or any other place with a flat surface if you have a GPS watch.

Results table for women (in meters):

Results table for men (in meters):


Yesterday was the first time I had the desire and the opportunity to do my best and I reached the result of 2520 meters that satisfies me.

I run longer distances on a daily basis, and it is possible that the result would be better if I knew how to spread the strength. Saving energy is different for the route 1,5 – 2 miles and for 8 – 10 miles.

Share your results with the Cooper Test or if you have taken any steps to live healthier – write the comment.

Enjoy the day!

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