Chia seeds or linseed?

Seeds war

Which one is better? Which will win?

Or is it worth to use both of them?


Let’s start from the beginning: what is linseed and chia seeds?

Linseed is a so-called “Polish superfood”; these are seeds from the flax plant and have excellent health benefits. They have been known in Polish cuisine for a long time, but recently they have returned to grace.

Chia seeds are also ‘superfood’, but this time it is growing in Mexico and Guatemala. Once upon a time they were one of the most important Aztec crops in central Mexico.

Although they come from different corners of the world, they have something in common:

  • They contain Omega-3 acids in much higher concentrations than fish
  • Thanks to fiber they lower cholesterol
  • They have lignans which are anti-cancer

Let’s take a look at our Polish seeds:

Thanks to the high content of Omega-3 acids, they support the proper functioning of the brain, improving our memory and supporting heart function, thus protecting us from heart disease.

They also have very important antioxidants, called lignans, which work anti-cancer. They inhibit the effects of estrogen, which is partly responsible for the development of cancer cells.

In December 2000 at the Scientific Symposium, held in San Antonio, USA, it was proven that regular consumption of the seeds gives very similar results to preoperative chemotherapy of tamoxifen.

Another unique feature of flax seeds are water-soluble fibers. They cover the mucous membranes of the esophagus, stomach and also the duodenum, thus protecting against the harmful effects of hydrochloric acid and thereby reducing the risk of inflammation.

Linseeds are a very good source of fiber, vitamins B1 and copper. They also contain minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium and selenium.

What is also important: accelerate the metabolism.

Now is the time for our competitor:

Just like flaxseed, chia seeds contain a lot of nutrients, which beneficially affect the functioning of our body. What’s more, they are low in calories. Also, low carbohydrate content can be consumed at any time of the day without worrying about the silhouette.

Carbohydrates in the seeds are split in the form of fiber, and therefore are not digested by our body. It improves the functioning of our digestive system and prevents constipation. After all, it is completely excreted from our body.

Thanks to the content of antioxidants, they protect our body from free radicals, which are responsible for the aging process of the skin. As I mentioned earlier, on flaxseed, antioxidants help us fight cancer cells as well.

They are a very good source of fiber and protein. Contains healthy fatty acids, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and B vitamins.

Chia seeds are recommended for people on the vegan diet because they have a complex of elements essential to the health of our bones and are a very good substitute for dairy.

What is important here? They support slimming through protein and fiber content.

Let’s compare now 100 g of product


Chia seeds

  • Contains more fiber
  • It is a great source of protein, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus – which is very important for vegans


  • More Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Much more lignans

In our kitchen there is a place for both seeds. We eat them either as a supplement to porridge and smoothie or as a dessert with fruit.

And how does it look in your kitchen?

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